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Fitness Expert and Master Kettlebell Instructor


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If you’re in the market for a fitness trainer and kettlebell coach, I highly recommend Ana Browne.”
— Jeff Martone, Tactical Athlete
Ana Browne is one of these unique individuals who sets the highest example when it comes to her knowledge, passion, motivational skills and the ability to be able to walk the walk herself.”
— John Brookfield, Multiple World Record Holder, Creator of the Battling Ropes Training System, Author of Mastery of Hand Strength
I consider working with Ana an investment in my career as well as a gift to my well-being and health. I highly recommend that you give Ana Browne a try if you’re ready to finally hit those fitness goals!”
— Sue Palka, Washington, DC
Her combination of warmth and professionalism coupled with the effectiveness of her kettlebell workout is unbeatable!”
— Robynne Chutkan, Chevy Chase, MD