Fit to be a Bride

Natasha R.

"In the summer of 2012 I started planning for my wedding. High on the list was to find a (great) personal trainer. I was introduced to Anabell by a friend. I’d trained with a personal trainer before and thought Anabell would be like all the others–impersonal, overpriced, and insincere. Anabell was the exact opposite! She truly cares about her clients and held me accountable. Anabell pushed me during our sessions to do what I thought I could not do. I started barely able to do 10 push-ups and ended my “wedding training” able to do over 40. I not only dropped 11 lbs, but lost 13 inches and a total of 6% in bodyfat.

Unlike other trainers, she works with clients full circle by providing detailed meal plans and exercises that I could do outside of our sessions. My time with Anabell has altered my lifestyle for the better.

My wedding day and honeymoon were wonderful because I looked and felt sexy in my gown and bikini. Now that the wedding is over I am continuing to train with Anabell so that I can maintain and continue to improve my lifestyle eating and exercise habits. Anabell is an investment that pays dividends!"


"A friend referred me to join Anabells Fitness Bootcamp class last year to get in shape for my wedding. After the first class I knew that I’d made a great choice. I got in the best shape of my life and felt rejuvenated and energized with life. Not only did her class help me get in shape but she also helped with great nutrition tips that helped motivate me to eat healthier. Her bootcamp class rocked."


Leslie S.

"I met Ana when she joined my recreational basketball team. It was easy to see that she was in great shape and having just gotten engaged, I was delighted to hear that she was a personal trainer.

Before our first session we talked about my wedding goals and Ana created a program that was individualized and customized through nutritional menus and fitness workouts that were truly designed for me. She listened when I told her my goal was not to lose weight (since I have always been thin) but to build muscle and definition. Our workouts were challenging and fun and for someone who hated going to the gym, she made our bi-weekly sessions something I actually looked forward to. But most importantly, Ana made me see results and helped me realize that while I was training for specific wedding goals, I could easily make my revised gym and nutritional plans a permanent lifestyle change.

Ana is always flexible and extremely responsive and I really appreciate how much she motivated me and checked in to see how things were going. Even on days we weren’t scheduled to meet, she’d call or email to make sure I was staying on track with my workout plan. She used positive reinforcement and constantly reminded me that my goals were within reach.

By the time my wedding came in January, 2011, I was in great shape and I couldn’t have looked or felt better. I noticed a difference in my energy, endurance and strength, and I feel very proud of what she helped me accomplish. I am so grateful to Ana for her assistance in making me look and feel like a very beautiful bride."