Competition Ready


Sharon Malachi

I have had an incredible 9 weeks training with Anabells Fitness. I decided that I wanted to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition in the bikini division. I started working out on my own to prepare but I was not seeing any results. I knew I was going to need extra help so I reached out to Ana. Upon my first meeting with her I knew that this would be a good fit. Ana is very professional and knowledgeable. I also learned that Ana is certified in many different areas and has high credentials in fitness. Many I had not heard of like Kettblebells, Crossfit, and Battling Ropes. But this intrigued and excited me – Yes! Something new! You find so many “so called” trainers that only hold the minimum training and that offer the same tired workouts with no creativity. She provided the whole package that I needed. I had 5 star customized nutrition plans, 1 on 1 workouts, and workouts that I could do on my own.

The personal training workouts were great! You will never get bored with Ana’s workouts. Ana also made her self very accessible. She was always available to answer any questions and make adjustments as needed along the way. She really went above and beyond and you could tell she wanted the best for you. Training for the bikini competition with Ana provided me with the confidence, discipline and motivation that I needed. I could not have done it without her. I look and feel the best I have ever felt. I have lost weight and inches and sculpted my body. I feel strong like Superwoman! I can’t believe I did this in just 9 weeks! WOW! Of course I gained many physical benefits but I also gained so much more that I have applied to other areas of my life. She has also inspired me and provided me with the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle. Don’t waist your time aimlessly wondering the gym on your own or doing DVDs at home. Make the decision to invest in yourself and train with Anabells Fitness.