Kettlebell Chicks



"Prior to working with Anabells Fitness, I was stressed out, working long hours at work, looking for comfort in food, and gaining weight. I knew I needed a change and a fitness challenge (preparing for a bikini competition) to help me get healthy and looking fit. Once I started working with Anabells Fitness, I immediately saw results through improved endurance, weight loss, and muscle toning.

I got the results by committing to Anabell’s meal plans and training programs which were tailored specifically to my body type and fitness goals. At any point in time, based on my weekly results, Anabell was right there to assess my progress and tweak my program to ensure that I was staying on track. The workouts were challenging but also fun in that Anabell had me doing a variety of exercises to keep me interested, focused, and also having fun.

Although there were many tough days, I always felt supported through Anabell’s encouraging texts, calls, and email check-ins about my progress. Through my experience in working with Anabell, I feel like gained confidence, learned a lot about getting fit, made a new friend, and saw amazing results! I look forward to working with Anabell again on my next fitness goal."


"35 and counting! This number reflects the amount of weight I have lost over the past year since joining and working out with AnaBells Fitness. Ana is an AMAZING trainer who is passionate about her clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals. Through her nutrition program and small group training sessions, Ana has helped me make a healthy lifestyle change and challenged me to set my fitness goals for the impossible knowing that I can make it possible. If you are looking to take control of and transform your life, I resoundingly recommend AnaBells Fitness. I truly appreciate Ana’s dedication and look forward to continuing my Kettlebell Chicks Success!"