Anabell’s Review of Jeff Martone’s Kettlebell WODbook

As you know, I’m a huge fan of kettlebells and especially of Jeff Martone. He is absolutely the kettlebell master! So when I was informed by his business manager that he had a copy of Jeff’s latest book in the mail for me, so I could review it, I was beyond ecstatic. I waited near the mail box like a little kid waiting to open Christmas presents. At last it arrived: Jeff Martone’s KETTLEBELL WODbook! I immediately skimmed through the pages, analyzing the pictures, formats, layout, and length of the book. (And, to be honest, to see if I was in any of the pics ). I couldn’t wait. It was like I wanted to read the entire book in one minute! After my quick perusal, I sat down with some good eats and carefully began to read page by page, jotting down notes, so I could give feedback to Jeff and his crew. I was super excited and in fact honored to be reviewing this great new work. I was delighted to see that the book had journal entry options, so one can record the particulars of their own workouts on a day to day basis. I was also surprised to see that he shared his own workouts that prep him to get into shape for one of his competitions. He is, after all, a master in the sport and sharing something like that is like hitting the jackpot. In the world of kettlebells, Jeff is a genius. I was sold! I knew I had to share this book with all my friends, followers, and social media sites. Jeff is not only an amazing friend, mentor and role model, but he is a living example of what defines fitness. He puts in hard work, chooses what works for him, and executes it in a smart fashion. I am proud to know him and appreciate his trusting me to offer my input.

“If you’re an amateur looking to break into the sport of kettlebell, a competitor or an elite pro, this journal is for you. This amazing guide is filled with detailed illustrations and instructions of various kettlebell exercises. With the personal training programs the master himself follows, Jeff will guide you every step of the way. Jeff’s emphasis on form will help you avoid injury and allow you to reach your full potential. This book will provide you with the resources to sharpen your skills and allow you to track your weekly progress, so you can see true results.”